The course in Schoorl is known for it’s beautiful nature and the perfect preparation for a spring marathon. The 30K is one of the few 30K road races left in the Netherlands and therefore ideal for your marathon preparation. The course leads the participants through the dunes of Schoorl, Hargen and Groet. Run on the beautiful forest paths, through the dunes and hear the sea behind the dunes. Every year participants enjoy the beautiful nature. Click here for the course map.


The course of the 21.1K makes a lap through the center of Schoorl, followed by a beautiful lap through the nature of Schoorl, Hargen and Groet. The course goes from the Voorweg via the Schoorlse Zeeweg to the Julianaweg and via the Blijdesteinsweg you arrive in Schoorl aan Zee. In Schoorl aan Zee you enter the dune area and run towards Hargen aan Zee. The last part of your Mizuno 21.1K goes via the Achterweg to the Heereweg in Schoorl. Click here for the course map.

Mizuno 10K

The Mizuno 10K leads the participants from the Voorweg via the Molenweg to the Schoorlse Zeeweg. From here you continue into the beautiful forests of Schoorl and you run via the Nieuweweg to Hargen aan Zee. From there you run back via the Heereweg towards the finish. Click here for the course map.